Ethiopian Coffee Moka Harar Longberry Terroir Mesela

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The Moka Harar Coffee is known to have a fleshy character with a finesse on the palate...


Tasting notes :

A fleshy coffee with animal notes, leather and clove. The Moka Harar Longberry Coffee is resolutely fleshy with great aromatic finesse.
Nose: very powerful animal notes and spicy aroma (cinnamon and cumin). Rhubarb is also very present.
Mid-palate: structured and fleshy.
The finish: massive, developing tertiary and wild aromas with notes of leather.

Completed for: 
Slow coffee (Chemex, Hario, Aeropress), classic brewers, Espresso 

Intensity; :




More details

Masela is located in the region of Harar, 400 km from Addis Abbeba. Just like for tea, the term “garden coffee” is used for the Moka Harar. As a matter of fact, there is no farm but only very small coffee producers, even families that own a few coffee trees in their gardens. They harvest their coffee berries and sell them to an exporter; who in return offers them any type of care or supply, particularly medical care. The coffee trees of Masela grow up to between 1600 and 2000 meters. This authentic Longberry, which is considered premium coffee, grows on a volcano-sedimentary soil. The soil contains limestone which gives the beans its pale yellow appearance. The nutritional deficiency of the soil creates a more intense coffee compared to the western regions of Harar. 

Type of machine :Expresso / Extraction douce
Elevation :1600-2000 m
Origin :Ethiopia
Area/Town :Harrar - Mesela
Variety :Arabica
Cultivars :Moka
Best for :Slow Coffee
Best for :Espresso
Processing methods :Natural
Roast Profile :Full city

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